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Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt e. V.
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Linder Hoehe
51147 Koeln (Cologne)

Phone: +49 2203 601-0
Fax: +49 2203 67310
email: contact-dlr [at] dlr.de
www: http://www.dlr.de/


DLR's Executive Board, consisting of Prof. Dr. Pascale Ehrenfreund (Chairman), Klaus Hamacher, Prof. Rolf Henke, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Wagner, Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Dittus and Dr. Gerd Gruppe, is empowered to act as DLR's representative. The Executive Board's seat is located at DLR, Executive Board, Linder Hoehe, D-51147 Koeln. The Executive Board can also authorise DLR employees to act on behalf of DLR. The head of DLR's legal department, Linder Hoehe, 51147 Cologne, can provide information about the extent of this authorisation.


Registered court and registration number of DLR: District court of Bonn, VR 2780.


Value added tax identification number: DE 121965658


The DLR EOC's EOWEB Portal is maintained by

German Aerospace Center (DLR) Oberpfaffenhofen
Earth Observation Center
Muenchner Str. 20

82234 Wessling


Portal Editorial Staff
D. Dietrich, P. Seifert


Prof. Dr. Stefan Dech, Head of German Remote Sensing Data Center - DFD
Prof. Richard Bamler, Director, Remote Sensing Technology Institute - IMF


German Aerospace Center (DLR)
The Executive Board, represented by
Prof. Dr. Pascale Ehrenfreund and Klaus Hamacher, Cologne


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Personal Data Protection
By accessing the DLR website, certain information about users, such as internet protocol (IP) addresses, record of navigation through the site, software used and time spent, as well as similar information, will be stored on DLR servers. This information will not specifically identify users and the information will be used internally for website traffic analysis only. If users provide unique identifying information, such as name, address or other information on forms stored on this site, this information will be used for statistical purposes only and will not be published or made available for general access. DLR does not sell nor rent its website users' names, addresses, email addresses or other personal information.


Technical Maintenance
T-Systems Solutions for Research GmbH
Bunsenstr. 10
37073 Goettingen
www: http://www.t-systems-sfr.com/


Terms and Conditions for Using DLR Images and Geospatial Data
If not identified otherwise, all images, animations, and geospatial data on the DLR portal are copyright © DLR. All rights reserved. Images, animations, and geospatial data s on the DLR portal may be used by press and media, or for personal information, or for educational purposes. Commercial use is subject to permission to be granted by DLR.



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