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EOWEB GeoPortal version 2.1.0 now online

EOWEB® GeoPortal version 2.1.0 now online

EOWEB Geoportal is continuously improving to provide you with a better user experience. The new version incorporates the following improvements:

  • The menu for the search for products in the collection tree has been moved into an own new tab called "Products" (prior to this version, this functionality had been accessible via the "Data overview/Items view" toggle in the "Catalog" menu).
  • The paradigm for the product search has been changed from "auto-filtering" to "search": Users can now specify all the needed filter options for a product search, which will only be applied when the newly introduced "search-button" (located below the main filter panel) is hit.
  • The sorting functionality which can be used to order lists of products within the result-set table of a product search has been improved: The sorting is now executed on server side, which means that the total of all products described by a filter setting is considered for the sorting.
  • The documentation ("Help" menu) has been updated for the new features.
  • The stability and robustness of connections to the backend has been improved.
  • Several security updates have been performed (a.o. the https-protocol is now used instead of simple http within the whole EOWEB GeoPortal.
  • Some minor bugs regarding the display of maps have been fixed.
  • The visibility of the legal documents (Imprint, privacy policy, terms of use etc.) has been improved.

EGP is under continous development, putting efforts in order to improve and validate features and functions. If you want to give us feedback and help us to further improve the EGP interface and usability, please send us a mail to geoservice@dlr.de.
Requests regarding your orders should be addressed to dfd-orderdesk@dlr.de.