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EOWEB GeoPortal version 2.1.0 now online

EOWEB® GeoPortal version 2.1.1 now online

EOWEB Geoportal is continuously improving to provide you with a better user experience. The new version incorporates the following improvements:

  • New feature: Support for wildcard search has been added to the advanced criteria filter menu.
  • User guidance: Explanation for the handling of search polygons in the help pages has been improved.
  • User guidance: If a user attempts to add too many order items to his shopping cart, he now gets an info about the maximum number of allowed items.
  • User guidance: Search button gets disabled, if a user attempts to enter a date in a wrong format into the date filter menu.
  • Bug fix: Search button gets no longer covered by unfolded “advanced map”.
  • Bug fix: Errors in the handling of very large search polygons and such ones crossing the antemeridian have been resolved.
  • Bug fix: The advanced search criteria filter now gets automatically unset on change of the selected collection. Thus preventing accidental searches for non-existing parameters.
  • Bug fix: Combined handling for collections presented more than once in the collection tree introduced.
  • Bug fix: Special routine for acquisition strips covering the polar ASC/DESC orbit turning points added to prevent problems with timestamps in sub-scene selection.
  • Bug fix: Search result lists are by default again presented ordered by date, descending.
  • Further, some editorial updates and improvements have been implemented.

EGP is under continous development, putting efforts in order to improve and validate features and functions. If you want to give us feedback and help us to further improve the EGP interface and usability, please send us a mail to geoservice@dlr.de.
Requests regarding your orders should be addressed to dfd-orderdesk@dlr.de.