Login and Home

The Login Page

In order to reach EGP page, you can find it via DLR (http://www.dlr.de/eoc/desktopdefault.aspx/tabid-8799/) and click EOWEB Geo Portal (EGP) or directly (https://geoservice.dlr.de/egp/).

Then you start with login page.


If you already have an user account then login, otherwise register first.


If you have forgotten your password, click on appropriate link “Forgotten your password?”.

../_images/03-pwd_forgotten1.png ../_images/03-pwd_forgotten2.png

To get information about “Imprint”, “Terms of Use” or “Privacy Policy” use the relevant links right down at the bottom of the login page. If you want to contact sombody, click the “Contact” link and take the contact form.

../_images/04-menu_contact.png ../_images/05-contact.png

The Home Tab

If you choose the Home tab at the top, you can see three columns, where you can find information about “Latest News”, “Featured Content” and “Your Items”.


Your Items

In this section you can find your last orders, your maps and filters, which were saved somtimes with your user account.


Logout and Help

In the first menu on the top you can logout, update your personal information or change your password.


The second menu is to open EGP Help Pages, open contact form or “Imprint” information.